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Display Case 1:64 Scale - 15.6" long

Display Case 1:64 Scale - 15.6" long

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Display Case 1:64 Scale - long
Display Case 1:64 Scale Great for 1:64 scale semi truck, trains, & small dragsters! This fabulous display case 1:64 scale fits numerous applications.

Its a great 1:64 scale tractor trailer display case or you can show off a collection of your 1:64 scale cars.

The retail box includes three cut-out background images allowing you to create your own diorama effect.

Those images include a MODERN CAR GARAGE great for NASCAR or Drag Cars, a CLASSIC CAR GARAGE SCENE great for older style cars, and a NEON SIGNS background.

Show off your treasures while protecting them in these beautiful display cases that feature: Crystal clarity Beveled edges Stackable Dimensions: 15-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 3-1/16
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