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The City & Industry Building Set is a Complete City in a Box Providing
15 HO Scale Plastic Building Kits from Woodland Scenics.

Finish Woodland Scenics' Grand Valley (WOOU0483) or any HO scale
layout with this detailed set of building kits designed and made by
Design Preservation Models.
Easy-to-assemble buildings feature realistic molded-in architectural
These 15 buildings can be placed exactly as they are shown on the
Grand Valley layout or arranged to make a city of your own design.
More than 160 detailed castings include: memorial cannon, billboard,
fruit stand, street lamps, light poles, benches, fencing, tires,
animal and people figures, and more.
Over 130 dry transfer decals for signs and windows bring life and
color to the city.
Purchase an entire city with industrial buildings in one box!
Plastic structure kits included are:
-Gretel's Cotage
-Bank & Trust Co.
-Rhode's Wholesale Tire
-Woody's Custom Cabinets
-Granny's Cafe
-Grand Valley Depot
-Grand Valley Hotel
-Johnson Bros.
-U.S. Post Office
-The Valley Apts.
-General Store
-Grand House
-Corner Pharmacy
-Railway Express Agency
Detailed hydrocal parts included are:
-Wooden Platform
-Freight Dock
-3 and 4 Steps
Each building kit is individually packaged with its own assembly
Black paper for interiors.
Wire for flagpole.
Basswood sheet for picnic table.
White plastic for signs.
Full color billboard sheet with flags.
Vacuum molded white awnings.
Fully detailed instructions and suggested street plan.


One City & Industry Building Set


Refer to Instructions for All Needed Supplies


Scale: HO 1:87

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