Testors Pint Size Project Education


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This is the Education Pint-Sized Projects Set from Testors.
Suitable for Ages 8 & Up.


Acrylic paints are water wash up and non-toxic
Great for use on almost any surface imaginable: wood, leather,
plastic, metal, ceramic, paper, canvas, corrugate, bisque,
terracotta, plaster of Paris, fabric and more
3 paint brushes includes pointed round brush for fine detail,
flat round brush for general purpose work, 1/4" wide flat
brush for surface area coverage
Project inspiration book containing lots of ideas for craft and
hobby projects
9 new Acrylic paint colors: Gloss Red, Gloss Blue, Gloss Black,
Gloss Orange, Gloss Green, Gloss Yellow, Charcoal, Gloss
White and Mocha


3 paint brushes
1 5/8 fl.oz. (18mL) non-toxic cement
1 mixing tray
9 1/4oz bottles of paint
Idea booklet to get started


Keep away from young children

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