GILBERT 0-6-0 (PENNSYLVANIA) HO Scale Steam Loco

American Flyer

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  • **********I have revised this sale to only the loco and tender. *******
I am sure someone has the eye and ability pull these back together. WYSIWYG - Desert Background/Box or the track is not included
If you want/need more pictures please just ask.

GILBERT HO 0-6-0 (PENNSYLVANIA) HO Scale Steam Loco #433 This item is very, was found in the attic with some other 50 year old items 10 years ago. I do not know about GILBERT HO. Never seen it before. It is all metal. Looks like a smoke pipe built in for Steam. Although I was impressed with the working springs in the coal car, one of them is missing. Found front cap. I am sure this was high end model in it's day. See the picture.
I see that the grounding is on the coal car. Also is missing one of the wires (truck contacts) on the front wheels of coal car. Missing Ground wire most likely would explain why it did not power up for me.
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