Flying your Coaxial Helicopter


Ready to Fly your Coaxial Helicopter

Turn on the helicopter switch then put the helicopter on the ground (facing opposite direction) before turning on the remote control. Place the helicopter approximately   3 feet  away from you with the tail end  facing you. Make sure the helicopter is away from all animals, children and any other obstructions. Pull the antenna out of the remote control as far as it will allow you to do so. Make sure that the joysticks are in the down position prior to turning on the radio. Turn on the power switch on your remote control and the indicator light should come on. You are now ready to take off.

Note; If the indicator light on the remote control is flashing, that is usually an indication of low battery levels in the radio. Test and replace all batteries that are low.


Do not fly in extreme heat and/or cold because both conditions will affect performance and they damaged the model cannot fly and the strong wind windy conditions will limit for  control and very windy conditions your helicopter may become lost or damaged select a large wide open area for flying and make sure there is no obstructions animals or people nearby.


Charging Batteries

I can insert the charger to power jack when trying to LED is off and charge finished LED is on tonight charge over hundred and 10 min. helicopters equipment locked all the battery please also pay attention to the following cost for safety talking about the power for connecting the charger plug to not use or leave battery near heat source which is fire heater otherwise it can cause damage or explode cannot immerse the battery and water keep the battery in a cool dry environment when recharging only used battery charge to your specifically for that purpose cannot disassemble the battery never leave battery and a tenant during farm charging for interests