Why sell on Shopify instead of eBay and Amazon

Why sell on Shopify instead of eBay and Amazon as a small business?

#1 - To own your own business - They will tell you how to run your business.

#2 - Keep most of your profits - No kidding eBay 46% last year, 36% year before.

#3 - Keep your ideas to yourself - They will steal your ideas to their advantage.

*Also the reason Vendors are leaving eBay;

*eBay has accepted Amazon rejected Vendors as they kick/force off good reliable Vendors that have been with them for many years. The same Businesses that made eBay who they were before last year.

If you own a toy or a hobby shop and need help to get your own store Online.

Contact Me via this website with Help me get Online in the Subject line.

You can also buy this store and the Domain name if you wish.

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