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1/24 Scale Display case made of Acrylic with checkered floor

What is Scale?

Scale is an important consideration for any model or replica. Scale refers to the fraction by which all dimensions of the real item are reduced in order to produce an accurate model. For instance, a truck that is 64 feet long in real life, will be 1 foot long if reproduced in 1/64th scale. Many collectors will choose to focus on one scale, so that all of their pieces will look correctly proportioned to each other. Model Railroads have always been built to scale and the concept is central to every part of the hobby. Model Railroads also refer to 'Gauge', which is the width of the track on which a train operates. There is direct relationship between gauge and scale, however they are distinct measurements.

Major Vendors of die cast toys and models

Corgi Classics

aviation, military, and character pieces. Well known English brand, highly sought after by collectors.

Die Cast Promotions

AKA: Highway 61

relatively new company founded by a member of the ERTL family. Primarily trucks and automotive, with more on the way.


Maker of mostly military model kits, now moving into the die cast realm with tanks and planes (both military and commercial)


French company producing trucks and a variety of vehicles.

ERTL / Racing Champions

makers of farm, construction, automotive, racing, and more. The predominate American die cast maker of the postwar era.

First Gear

makers of highly detailed trucks and construction equipment. Most trucks are custom produced for the collector market.

Forces of Valor

AKA: Unimax


Spanish company producing nicely detailed trucks and construction toy.


produces toy cars, trucks, airplanes, and motorcycles for mass-market and collector channels.


expanding range of toys and collector items. Mainly sold through large retailers.

Model Power

Long time producer of model railroad components and accessories. Many pieces are cast resin, none are for use as toys.


produces a wide range of main stream die cast toys featuring 1/24th scale trucks and tractor trailer rigs.


producer of licensed promotional models for Caterpillar and others.


German company producing construction models and other vehicles.



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7283 NC Highway 42

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